Jun 27, 2012 

The Star Wars Force Trainer toy is one of the top most wished for toys for younger and older Star Wars fans this year, and it presents something a little differently from the usual figures and vehicles that are generally associated with the Star Wars movies.

The Star Wars Force Trainer toy is curently the most popular item in the Star Wars Science toys line, which is a nice range of toys and games that has a Star Wars theme with the intention of being educational. Science will always be great fun for youngsters when applied to their playtime properly, and the Star Wars Force Trainer will be a excellent model of a toy that can strengthen a kid's intellect whilst they are having their minds boggled by its capabilities.

The Star Wars Force Trainer toy is said to use new EEG feeler technology to actually scan the player's brain patterns! With  enough practice and application, users can be ready to move the training remote up and down, just like Luke managed it on-screen during the Star Wars movies.

There are more good Star Wars Science toys out there like the Darth Vader robotic arm,  and the Star Wars Science Jedi Projector, that contains images of twenty four totally different vehicles from the Clone Wars which kids can project onto flat surfaces.

However it is the Force Trainer toy that is currently the main appeal with this line though. It offers a heap of fun along with academic value for your young Padawans.  Check out the Star Wars Force Trainer reviews which you can find here.

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