The Force is strong with this one! The Star Wars Science toy range is a great way for children and adults to discover the wonders of  the scientific world via Star Wars themed toys! Science can be great fun for kids, not to mention being extremely  education when applied to everyday life. Here we bring you information on the Star Wars Force Trainer and other  Star Wars Science toys that would make top Christmas gifts for your young Jedi Padawans!

The Star Wars Science toys range is currently best known for the Star Wars Force Trainer, made by Uncle Milton. This great toy allows the wearer of the special headset to actually control the Force Trainer with their mind! The Star Wars Force  Trainer uses sophisticated EEG sensor technology to actually read the user's bran patterns! With practice, you will be  able to move the training remote up and down (just like Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies!).

Another example of the excellent Star Wars Science toys that are reviewed here include the awesome Star Wars  Science - Darth Vader Robotic Arm, which is easy to assemble and needs no batteries to use! It looks fantastic and is  sure to thrill any young Star Wars fan with an interest in how things work!

What about the Star Wars Science - Jedi Projector? This fantastic Star Wars Science toy features 24 Clone Wars vehicles along with  synchronized audio narration. There's also the Star Wars Science - Optical Command Unit, which allows the user to  examine small items! It also includes a simulated holographic projector. These are just some of the great Star Wars  Science toys we are covering right here, all of which  make great Holidays and  Christmas gift ideas!

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